Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Gidget

I'm not sure how many of my readers or followers know this, but to let you know sooner rather than later... Gidget is a combination of two words: Girl and Midget.  I am fairly height challenged and try to make the most of my 5'2" reach by being stubborn, carrying a step stool in my car, and refusing the help of those kinder and taller individuals.  When I was fifteen my mum told me that regardless of how tall I would be as an adult I would always make up for my height with personality, so even if I didn't hit the dreamt of 5' 7"...I would be amazing.  I suppose that mentality stayed with me.  

I should also give credit to the movie: Gidget, holler's for a terrific 1950's? chick-flick.  The smart, independent clueless character that keeps trying to be one of the surfer guys... and (I feel) succeeds in being a favorite of the group.

The Disclaimer you were waiting for....
I'm not sure how this blog will be structured, or how well I will do at keeping on topic(obviously not well because I'm drifting in this post).  I have a lot of ideas, gear talk, and stories of conversations I want to add right now...but  I'm holding back because I know that the more mature my discussions become the better you'll enjoy reading them.  I so wish to include my thoughts on working in the adult world - the transition between school and work, but I know much of what I feel, notice, and write could be found unrealistic, or overly humorous(possibly cynical) for massive sharing so I'll keep it to myself and say more than I should.  Work is an opportunity I deeply enjoy and hope to never take for granted.  The people I work with are good, strong, ethical, and kind people who want to do the best job they can which makes working with them addicting.  Although construction is ever changing, full of surprise, and always more complicated than it should, it is an amazing industry that demands hard-work, persistence, attention to detail, and most of all teamwork.  Without an honest Superintendent, a demanding Assistant Project Manager, or a detail oriented Project Manager the job could easily fall to pieces and be a battle for that Certificate of Occupancy.  Although my co-workers have known of my trip for a few months now, since I have begun working full-time I've become far more fond of them than I expected not to mention much more involved in my position and tasks.  The worst part of my day is hearing, "you'll need to tell me how you do this because you'll be gone in two months" it sounds alien and horrific each time I hear it.   The day before my trip will be FAR harder than I had originally anticipated.

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