Thursday, January 14, 2010


Saying you will do something is very different than actually following through with the said decision.  After beginning to plan this trip I began to see many disconnects between my imagination and that of reality.  Often times I find many more differences with my friends, co-workers, and family than with myself.

Someone claimed this would be a life changing experience.  Honestly the first thing I think of when this is asked or stated is I would perhaps find myself in a coma, or even worse.  I hope that this trip won't be that life changing.  But to answer the question that they ARE asking... I expect to be different at the end of the trail.  I hope I will be different.  Realistically, every moment that passes, leaves an impact.  Each day of work, each day of school, each day of goofing off, or running errands... makes you who you are.  The culmination of those small changes leaves you significantly different than who you were the year before and the year before that.  You will see how my trip will change me because it will be 5-6 months without talking or passing the time with me.  Hopefully I will still be the same girl that left you, but more improved.  A Gidget 2.0. :)  

Thru-hiking a 2,650 mile trail takes determination, fortitude, endurance, mental strength, persistence, and most of all purpose.  Without which, the trek, the 5-6 months, the effort, and planning are useless, pointless exercises.  For those that doubt my ability to complete the complete trail, I doubt it too, but if I allowed my doubts to determine my lifestyle, personality, and independence I wouldn't be who I am.  If you let your doubts rule your mind set, would you be who you are now?  Simply put, no.  You wouldn't be independent, full of spunk an' spice(the younger generation's definition: someone people respect or go to with questions.)

I will be different than I am now, but more than likely I am already different than who you think I am now.  

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