Thursday, January 14, 2010

Telling the Project Manager

I walked down the quiet hallway.  Between my wheezing and slight fever my body was exhausted.  The test was at 5pm, but I hadn’t gotten an hour of sleep.  At least I got to work on time.  Thank goodness it was before 7:30am, I need to get down to the trailer by 8:30.  Both my coworkers handed over a few packets each, my APM pushed a heavy specification book for the next construction phase to me.  “Would you pop this into Prolog”(a technical shared file program). 
“Of course.”  work to keep my mind off of school here I come. 
It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and payroll is critical.  I need to hurry down to the site.  Sweating heavily that damnable h1n1 vaccine, my PM calls me into his office.  Three jackets and sweaters deep, he sees his little intern, with an obnoxiously large bag, binders and packets in hand.  “Intern, I need to know what your plans are for the next 6 months to a year.” Great, I’m heavily sweating, breathing with difficulty, and my former marine project manager is asking me the question I have been internally searching for a right way to tell him so he might understand better.
Hell, “I’d like to continue my internship until April.  In mid-April I leave to backpack the Pacific Crest Trail.  It’s a 5-6 month hike." deep breath. "Does that answer your question?"
His eyebrows raise, a mixture of shock and concern were left.  “Yes, that answers it.  Short to the point.  No problem with that.”  He leans back, hands put together like the itsy-bitsy spider song.  
Forty five minutes later after his drilling about my PCT planning, hiking concerns, topics, stops, highlights, and various other worries,... I am released.  Walking away, I realized he said what I needed to hear, “Wow, I’m jealous.  I wish I could do that.”  

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