Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Plan

Itinerary Time!!
Leave Atlanta by plane around 11am on April 15th.
Arrive in San Diego.(3:30)
Meet fellow hiker, G.J., and my first trail angels ever!
Pick up last minute trail needs... Peanut butter and Tortillas.(post flight)
Arrive at the PCT trail head at near Campo, CA(6:30am)
Take picture...grab two rocks....and take a picture.
Begin Trail - resupply locations are as follow:

Sectionmi/dayft/dayDistance (mi)Elev. Gain (ft)DaysArrival

Campo (start)4-16-10

Campo to Warner Springs20.31648110.689855.54-21-10

Warner Springs to Cabazon18.92253101.4120715.44-27-10

Cabazon to Wrightwood18.92274153.9185378.25-06-10

Wrightwood to Agua Dulce19.0222589.0104284.75-11-10

Agua Dulce to Tehachapi19.12178100.2114275.25-17-10

Tehachapi to Kennedy Meadows19.12163141.9160457.45-25-10

Kennedy Meadows to Independence17.5286887.4142875.05-30-10

Independence to Red's Meadow17.52903116.3193256.76-06-10

Red's Meadow to Sonora Pass17.92692112.5168766.36-13-10

Sonora Pass to Soda Spr. / Pooh Corner19.22129136.9151717.16-21-10

Soda Spr. / Pooh Corner to Belden19.42056133.1141266.96-28-10

Belden to Burney Falls State Park20.11752134.3117326.77-05-10

Burney Falls State Park to Castella19.7190382.980004.27-10-10

Castella to Etna19.2214299.8111445.27-16-10

Etna to Ashland19.02222121.3141876.47-23-10

Ashland to Crater Lake Post Office19.81858105.498835.37-29-10

Crater Lake Post Office to Elk Lake Resort20.41608125.799176.28-04-10

Elk Lake Resort to Government Camp19.71905143.8139007.38-12-10

Government Camp to Trout Lake18.52465137.2183307.48-20-10

Trout Lake to Snoqualime Pass19.42065163.8174778.58-29-10

Snoqualime Pass to Skykomish17.1307674.5134204.49-03-10

Skykomish to Stehekin17.3296397.8167205.69-09-10

Stehekin to Manning Park18.1260088.8127234.99-14-10

This is based on walking 3 miles/hour for 8 hours a day, while taking a half day off between rest stops. This gives me a little less mileage a day, but less zero days. I think this is reasonable because if I hike farther two days I will be able to have a full zero day. Thus giving me more flexibility as well as allowing me to make decisions as the terrain affects me.

If ever you want to add something into my mail package please email me so I can you get you in touch with my amazing mum. She will be mailing my food packages out. Yes food is next on my blog it list!

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