Friday, July 23, 2010

Mt Shasta

Emily's Mom here!  It's been a long haul but Emily is persevering!  She left Old Station (1382) last night.  She's on the trail to Mt. Shasta even as we speak.  It's going to be a 33 mile dry section - all open and hot - in a burned out area (no shade).  It's in the nineties mid-day...  Still hiking with Damien (the nicest hiker on the planet)!

I put all her photos on facebook - it's PCT group 4.  Encouraging text messages and facebooks posts would be helpful at this point.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Emily,

    This is Christophe from Caribou from the prior universe you used to live in lol.

    I am very proud of you. I know there must be some very rough times for sure but also so many rewards ... I know you will finish this expedition :)

    So I am sending you a heartfelt symbolic coffee of the mind till next time I see you. That one will be on me lol.