Thursday, July 15, 2010

Honker Pass

Again Damien and I had not planned to stop until our next resupply town but we did anyways! :) Walking down the trail there was this giant sign: Honker Pass - Showers, Laundry, Mattresses, Food.  We took down their number and address continuing our walk thinking about bacon.  We hiked 22-24 miles to the road and hitched down to Bucks Lake.  I would say this is my best stop so far.  We got in around 7pm to find the owners out for dinner but they had left the side building open with instructions on showers and laundry. There was even a cooler outside with cold beverages!(even three types of beer Barry!)  The couple Terry and Nancy have a giant porch really made Damien and I feel at home not out of place. The food was absolutely amazing and I enjoyed every bite. Being on the trail for so long it's strange to be inside, sitting at a kitchen table, eating with two pieces of silverware and have a napkin in your lap. 
Alright I need to get clean clothes on and start the 18-19 miles walk to Belden. I'm glad I've pushed it this week, doing 24 miles days have really brought me back to a good hiker rythym.  I can't wait to keep going!
I should have computer access later tonight or tomorrow; oh and I'm at mile 1274.4!!

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  1. Glad to see you are still chugging along--people ask about you often around here. Your fourth of July sounded wonderful...I am totally jealous of your vantage point.

    If you are at 1274.4, what is the total length of the trail?