Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Getting Lost...

I've made it to Bridgeport. Finally. People say the trail gets easier further north but what I've found is you get into a mental pattern.  Nothing can be as bad as what you have already done.  Creeks are cold but must be crossed.  Face planting in snow hurts... but it happens. Falling down a snow slope is scary but you'll stop at the bottom and you'll get up and try the climb up again. There is no turning back.  Trees do not give directions.  If you are still standing... you keep walking.  This last 100 miles was more technical than the last. I decided on a detour through the Toulome Grand Canyon and found myself amidst the most gorgoeous raging waterfalls and sharp canyons imaginable. It took 7 days of hiking on 5ish days of food with many hours spent lost in canyons following the wrong creek or hiking up the wrong pass and in the wrong direction.  I tried to use the ice axe on one occasion and unfortunately managed to let go of it ... I dropped 50-60 feet across rocks and into trees.  The snow was icy and afforded me little traction.  I swam across a 6 foot deep creek and pulled my pack across with rope from the other side.  I've never been so cold in my life.

I've run out of time in the library but I'm doing well... just tired.  I have so much more to write... an update on Mike and his idea of map reading, other creek crossings, and interesting hiker run ins...

My next stretch is to Echo Lake, 75 miles.  I hope I'll be able to reach it by Sunday.  I'd love to see Fireworks on the Fourth of July.

I wish I had more time to write!!!
 - Golden Child

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