Friday, April 30, 2010

Fun At Idyllwild!

Mom here again!

A successful end to a stressful day! Emily called in about 7pm EST - just as she picked up her package at the Idyllwild Post Office.  Apparently her feet and shin splints  held her back - so she took two days off.  There's no way she could have contacted us - we just had to wait.  Guess we could have waited an extra day - but, well, would you?  The Idyllwild post office was just wonderful , the post mistress was so patient and sympathetic.  As soon as she saw Emily she told her to call her MOM!!!

Imagine Emily's surprise when she saw her photo all over town.  HMMMMM wonder what that's like.  Sounds like the weather's been tough and not all her equipment has worked out.

I'm so impressed at the large mutually supportive PCT hiker/angel community.  What a wonderful group of people with whom to walk one of the nation's most beautiful trails.  All's well that ends well.   Emily plans to buy new boots, rest her shin splints and continue on!

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