Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Okay! Great and amazing news after lots of wallet pulling, baseweight is: 11.5 lbs.  This number does not include my camera or cellphone. This brings me to 12 lbs with no food or water.  When I got the tent I hadn't anticipated it adding 3lbs to my carrying weight.  It brought me dramatically over my weight goal by 2.5 lbs.  As I searched for lighter weight gear I discovered I could drop 6 lbs of dead weight if I pulled out of my wallet.  By choosing to go with the lightweight option I am joining the group of so called elite ultralight fanatics.  Secretly... I love it.

The sleeping bag: GoLite Adrenaline 20+.  size: Short....  weight: 1 lb 14 oz
The sleeping pad: Thermarest's newest NeoAir. size: Short... weight: 10 oz
The Tent: Nemo Meta 1p.  Total weight: 3 lbs-ish
The backpack: REI Ultralight Flash 65 Weight: 3 lbs 2 oz.
The good news about being small... things weigh less.

I am so excited!!  My camera will be taking pictures of my progress tomorrow.  There is a slight color theme...it just sort of happened!

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  1. Great posts, I'm looking forward to following your adventures. Have fun!