Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Handshake

If you know what you want, or are insane, I’m not surprised.  If you are the former: for one, knowing what you want IS insane, for two, you’re lying to yourself, you just don’t know it yet.  For the latter: you’re either overconfident about your coolness or an idiot, either way you need to make a list to fit into the first category.  If you plan to read this, you will not find the answer to the meaning of life, but you may discover an appreciation for sanity.  Regardless, you will hear what happens to that crazy person who turned down the “sane” choices, disappeared, and hiked 2,700 miles in search of the real thing.  Yes, I'll give up steamy showers, blessed central air and heating, southern home cooked food, a deliciously pillowed bed, loved ones, a terrific job, and (get ready) deodorant.  I'll peer behind boulders in 105 degree weather, trudge through forests in the pouring rain, and use a freakin’ ice axe to climb snow topped mountains looking for the sanity people say only maturity can bring. To many, this is, without a doubt, a guide on what NOT to do. 

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